amandaisalive: Where did you get those macaroons?? I have been searching everywhere!

Whole Foods in Westwood! They had a bakery called Rockenwagner sell their macaroons for the week.

I had my first macaroon today. My addiction has begun.

I believe this is the album of the day.

I remember earlier this year, when it was still winter, when we sat in my car and fogged up the windows because we were talking so fast. Our words filled the gaps of time we had lost. We were describing what had happened in the past year and it was eerie to me how much alike our stories were. You said how the medicine helped you calm down, how the incoherent noises in your head became a symphony.

For once, I’m listening to you. I’m getting help.

I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long. Things haven’t been awful, but they haven’t been great either so I’m working on fixing things and fixing myself. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been making the same mistakes in a different and bigger city. I just wish I could have a break and figure things out.

I turned 21 today and it’s been an interesting day so far. I haven’t really done anything and since I have a shit ton of studying to do, I don’t really have plans tonight. I don’t even feel like going out. I just want to read a book and snuggle in my blankets, alright?
Let’s see. I got my nails did (in the freaking ghetto. Yelp, you have failed me for the last time), a guy at the smoke shop gave me a deal on a pipe that I’ve had my eye on for awhile (I didn’t buy it since I don’t really smoke, but it was soooo pretty!) bought some vodka (Who says I can’t have myself a cocktail while I study? Absolutely no one, that’s who), joined the UCLA Quidditch team and got a sailor hat for my Halloween costume.
So, hey, I’m 21 and I plan on making some stupid decisions this weekend.

breathinglessons: Haha, I love the internet so much for connecting me to people I never would have met otherwise :) and yeah, It's actually been a pretty big idea in my life lately. I could go back to Virginia after I graduate and pay in-state tuition to go to the #4 graphic design school in the country, but I'm not sure if I want to do four more years. I really want to get a full-time job and start on my career I think. I wish there was a way to take college classes without being in college :( haha it stinks.

I’m sorry! I’ve been running around campus like crazy and haven’t been on. I hate that we have to be so sure of what to do with our lives at such a young age. When do you graduate? I wish I was done with school already.

Today consisted of getting no sleep last night, detoxing from the weekend and doing a lot of pointless running around. However, I’m attempting to conquer my to do list like a beast!

Anonymous: Any recommendations for vitamins or supplements for vegans?

Birth control.

Kidding. In all seriousness, get some B12 and if you can afford it, probiotics are great. Vitamin D is recommended if you don’t get much sunlight (basically if you’re a recluse like me).

That’s all I can remember off the top of my head.